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Monday, 19 December 2011

What have I got to show!!!

Mmmmm well what have I got to show you? 

Look Jewellery!!

Clustered Bracelet using gemstone chips

 Zebra Necklace

Mary Q Bracelet

You could say I have been buying some gemstones!!  

Oh dear, spending money and at Christmas time too!! 
I just cant believe that its only a week away now.  I am not READY at all!!!! Up until today I had one present, YES just the one!  But I did go off shopping for a few hours and came back with a few more purchases, so I am a little happier. I did do a bit of Amazon shopping too.  So feeling a bit better now. 

All I need now is a christmas tree and some deccies up.  I'm afraid my hubbie is laid-up with his back which gave out on him again on Tuesday, he staggered in from work about half an hour after he left ~~  poor old boy!!!  So hence no deccies up yet, I just don't do ~ going into the loft, ladders and me just don't get on!!

Clustered Pearls

I liked this technique which I picked up along the way, so I have run with it a little and found out I enjoyed doing this, its very simple and when hung onto tigertail (beading wire) they look great. The clustered technique could be making an appearance in the shape of a workshop as my Bead Group have requested one so more will be on the way!!

Finally I thought I would mention that my lastest tutorial has made its appearance in Bead magazine (current issue) Dec/Jan issue 35.  I am so pleased with it and I've had some lovely comments.  Mum also knicked it to go with her new christmas outfit and seems to have kept it, no not really I did say she could have it if she wanted it.  

Here it is

Wrapped in Chains

Well thats about it for now,  I will try and get some more photos done of the things I have just finished before christmas arrives.  If not I want to wish you all


Lets hope it is a better year than this one!!  I think you might know what I mean!!!

Love to you all in Blogland!!

E xx

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