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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jewellery Making Techniques ~ Part 2 Jump Rings

I didn't realise it had been this long since I did Part 1, so here is Part 2 ~~ 

Opening and Closing Jump Rings 

It is a little tutorial but I hope it is of help to anyone who has problems making the jump rings close up properly after opening!

1. Grasp the jump ring with 2 pairs of pliers, either side of the opening.

2. Push the pliers in opposite directions from each other to open the ring, in a twisting motion.


Doing this will weaken the wire at the bottom where it forms a bend and we want it to close snugly again and this will prevent it from doing so!

NB: Only open enough to allow the wire(s) to pass through.

3. Close the jump ring in the same way but in the other direction to the opening.

Tip: When the ring is closed up sometimes the ends don’t meet up, so just give a small ‘wiggle’ while pushing together at the same time, this will close up the small gap.

NB:  Sometimes you may need to straighten up the ring as it can look slightly bent or twisted when closed up again, flat nosed pliers can help with the straightening or if you realign both ends in the opposite direction then this will also take out the bend!! It happens when you realign the ends in the same direction as you opened the ring!

There we go that was simple wasn't it?

I am currently working on the next Design Tips and it will be on INTERPRETATION.
It is nearly ready hopefully by next week I will be able to post it, be warned its a long one!!!!!

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