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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Sometimes your mojo can leave you and you get despondent, not sure what to make or where you can get inspiration from. We all have those times and I am definitely no exception!!

I have recently had a jewellery crisis and just didn't want to make anything at all, didn't know what to make anyway, what colours I wanted to use and yet I felt I needed some new jewellery for myself as my design ideas were changing and wanted something new to wear and to show off my creations as well, theres nothing like self advertising is there!!!

So I just left it alone, didn't make anything! I have to say, I am lucky as I have more than one hobby/craft that I love to do and each one is linked to the other which can be an asset or sometimes a hinderance because my mojo is connected to both of them. So I decided to go off to practice my beadmaking and improve on my skills (which only practice will do!) It has been of great benefit and now I am steadily getting more confident with working the glass, trying out new glasses, especially the Double Helix Silver rich glasses (LOVE them!!) getting reasonably good shape to my beads ~ well most of the time! But now I want more, different shapes to my beads ~ need more presses for that one, more interesting beads and try to be more consistent on size so I can get to grips with set making!

Now I have come to a new mojo crisis, what BEADS to make, the jewellery mojo is back and I have ideas for earring designs, bangles and necklaces but my skills need a jump up again to be able to achieve these big ideas, that means maybe taking a lesson or two!!! That costs money and its not the right time of year for that, so what to do?

I have, over the last 6 months or so, purchased a few e-tutorials from other accomplished lampworkers which I now feel I would like to try and see if I can get the hang of but I need time to practice and I would like to make beads and jewellery for the christmas season so I don't have the time currently to spend on them right now.

So here's the crunch question 'Where do I get my Inspiration from'????

Well ~~~

1. Others work ~ Yes and No! Its not very nice at all to copy others work or 'nick' it as it were but it can inspire you to create your own ideas to work from. A colour, a material item, their culture, the type of design they have used which is nothing like the medium you work in but you just see potential from it for your own work.

My Boho Bridal Tutorial piece for Beads & Beyond was based on one of Lilian Chen's designs I had seen in one of the US jewellery magazines

These work in progess Earrings are inspired by Lilian Chen's work and cultural background ~ Oriental/Asian.

2. Art Inspiration is a good tool to inspire those creative juices! Go to the Library for art books, check out some of the famous artists ~ that you like or know of and just LOOK!!!! Doodle in a sketch book, what colours have they used ~ together, have they come from a design era that inspires you ~ Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Pop Art, The Impressionists, Surrealists, the list goes on. Just have some fun!!

At college we were told to brain storm ideas on a big piece of paper put in a central idea/theme/word/historical era. So say, for instance, we decided to use the words Art Deco we would then just throw down words that just come into your mind creating bubbles linked to bubbles to build up anything to do with Art Deco ~ clarice cliff, bright colours, stylised, trees, stong lines, plates, jugs, glasses, and so on........... these can then spark off other words/ideas from these!

I love bright colours so she has often come into my mind just because of the colours she used in her designs.

Sorry I don't have any Clarice Cliff but I do have some Art Nouveau jewellery with there lovely curvy style, flowers and clean lines. 'Rennie Macintosh' is another favourite of mine I love his stylised rose design, and when I started to make stained glass he was a very big influence.

Here you will see some jewellery by Murrle Bennett ~ gorgeous!

(sorry I scanned it on the skew!!)

Here is an ornate buckle by Liberty

3. Things around you that just jump out and grab you because you ~ like it!! Everyday things in the street, in the park, driving along and what passes you on your travels and even things around your home or maybe something your children may be doing at school, history project, art project, even what they made in cookery class!! Who knows when inspiration can strike! Ha ha!!

Historial ~ Cleopatra and her Asp - inspired by arm cuffs worn in Ancient Egypt

4. Finally Nature, this is a very popular inspirational tool with many facets from seasons ~ colours to plant life ~ trees, leaves, flowers, etc., ocean/marine life ~ shells, fish to all sorts of organic shapes like rocks and mountain ranges, shapes, textures, smells, the list again goes on and on!! I just love to use this one and most people love these themes too.

My Autumn Sunshine set was inspired by the season

So what it really boils down to is ~~ dont give up, don't be afraid to experiment, find inspiration from everywhere, believe in yourself and do some research, do some doodling, do some footwork and THINK whats next NOT I don't know what to do!!!

I hope it has been a little help if your mojo has gone walkabout at this busy time of year when you really don't want it too!!!!!

NB: Some of the photos are my own work, some are of other designers work.


  1. Great stuff Elaine I will have to copy what you said so I can read it over and over again.

  2. Some nice jeweleries will be spot on .
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  3. Hope its helpful Sandra, I have sent you your copy hope you got it ok!!

  4. Ah I'm finally trying to catch up on my blog visits and liked this posting. I'd never heard of Lilian Chen but I can see why you'd like her. I think it's nice to give credit to those who personally inspire us... I know I always credit my friends Luthien and Catherine when I create a piece they've specifically influenced in my work.

  5. Thank you Sharon, Lilian is on Beaders Showcase just check out the wirework challenge group she leads it. But I had seen her work long before she joined BS. Must get on and do a new post really, this one is getting a bit old, I hope to do a series of posts like this as designing is closest to my heart! ♥


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